I just got back from the Slutwalk! Here are some pictures.

Also, here’s a short video:

There were so many people that they had to shut down College Street. The speakers were amazing, the activists walking with me were amazing and just… everything about the Slutwalk was amazing.

For more details, visit:

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Bata Shoe Museum

As promised in the College post, here are the pictures I took at the Bata Shoe Museum.


The chestnut crushing clog.


Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber.

Michael Buble.


Jann Arden.

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(Disclaimer: I realize that most of these pictures are blurry. I keep forgetting that I have to let the camera on my phone focus before I take pictures. If you want to see these images more clearly, go to College yourself.)

Straight up: it looks like I lied to you guys when I said that the College post would make up for how lame the King post was. Sorry. At least this one has pictures.

That being said, my trip to College was a lot more exciting than my trip to King.

Yesterday, a couple of friends and I walked all the way over to Fran’s on Yonge and College. It was a nice day, but kind of cold, so I’m not fully decided as to whether or not I actually enjoyed the walking that far. (The subway was down though, so I guess we would have had to walk a fair bit anyway.)

None of us had ever been to Fran’s before, but had only heard really good things about it, so we figured it would be a good idea to give it a try.

So how was it?





Fran's. OM NOM NOM.

Fran’s is an old-school style sit-down restaurant with pretty much everything you could ever want – waffles, burgers, beer, milkshakes… everything. Every dish I saw looked amazing and the dishes that we had (a burger, a waffle and a Morning Glory plate) tasted really, really good. It’s kind of like Lick’s (why is there an apostrophe in ‘Lick’s’?) except that you get served by a waiter/waitress instead of having your food fast-food style. Fran’s is also a little bit more expensive than Lick’s, which I didn’t think was possible. REGARDLESS, I WOULD TOTALLY GO AGAIN.


The reason I’m not posting any pictures of the area surrounding Fran’s is because, once you’ve seen pictures of one subway stop in the downtown core, you’ve basically seen what the entire downtown core looks like. There’s just no point in me stopping in the middle of the street with my Blackberry in the air, trying to take a picture, if I’ve already done it a couple of times already.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard! There was far too much milkshake. I love it when that happens.

The really cool thing about Fran’s (and one of the main reasons I wanted to go so badly) is because Glenn Gould used to go there all the time, although he went to the St. Clair location. I still think it’s kind of cool though, because Glenn Gould is amazing.

Speaking of Glenn Gould, my friend and I went to the Bata Shoe Museum this weekend and they had his shoes there in the Juno exhibit. AND OSCAR PETERSON’S SHOES. AND JUSTIN BIEBER’S SHOES! Three of my favourite Canadians, all (kind of) in the same place. I was excited.

By the way, the Bata Shoe Museum is surprisingly not bad. We had a really good time there. I’ll post some pictures on here as soon as they’re uploaded onto my computer. (Although I know I should really just do a whole post on St. George, but that will come in time. St. George has a special place in my heart.)

My banana and chocolate chip waffle! I actually managed to eat the whole thing. Don't judge me.

Finally, the marking that a restaurant has truly succeeded in the world of restaurants… custom-made food… products.


Lick’s has its Guk and Homeburgers for sale in local grocery stores… Fran’s has its own sugar and ketchup and syrup. You know you’ve made it in the restaurant/hospitality business when you have custom-made stuff. One day, my coffee shop will have custom straws or stickers or plates or something – just you wait and see.

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Like every year, my hair is (sloppily) spray-dyed green, I’ve adorned myself in cheap green beads, and my eye makeup looks like a leprechaun’s vomit.

… it’s a good day.

Seriously though, it’s a good day. The weather is PERFECT, the frat house across the street is blasting Irish music, and the high school students that keep touring past my window are probably kind of freaked out.

I live for days like this.

Today, I ventured over to Runnymede to go to Nicholson’s No Frills to pick up supplies for a party we’re having. I’d never actually been to Runnymede before, although a couple of my coworkers transferred to a store in the area. I figured that instead of going to the Dufferin No Frills alone and being sketched out, I’d try a new place.


Isn't it beautiful?!

It belongs to one of my roommates. It is, quite possibly, my most favourite thing ever.

What sucks about the TTC is that you don’t realize how completely inaccessible it is until you’re unable to walk up or down the stairs without having to get someone else to help you. I got stuck having to take the super-long way to get everywhere, because I needed escalators (which I never did end up finding). Even the stations that are said to be accessible to people wheelchairs (and people rolling grocery thingers) aren’t really.

Anyway, I got to Runnymede after ten thousand subway delays and stepped back out into the sun. I wasn’t really expecting anything special, but as soon as I saw the area, I realized that this is the Toronto I love. Not the downtown core, but this. This suburban Downtown Oakville-esque area. Actually, a lot of the stores at Runnymede were the same as the stores on Lakeshore in Oakville.


It wasn’t busy. Just the opposite. It was actually PEACEFUL, which is NOT an adjective I thought I would have used to describe anywhere in Toronto. Plus, it’s not like there’s nothing there; there are tons of coffee shops, bookstores, and flower shops that I saw.

So many places had sidewalk flower sales!

I was seriously considering buying some flowers until I realized that I would have to carry them up and down 3582395 flights of stairs to get to/from the subway train.


But yeah. The houses in this area are nice – they’re not over-the-top-gorgeous nice, but they’re quaint.

… I don’t think I’ve ever actually used the word ‘quaint’ before. Gold star for me.


If I ever live in Toronto after I’m done school, this is the kind of area I want to live in.

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This is going to be a short post, seeing as I didn’t do much while I was at King. I didn’t have a lot of time to explore the area and, to be frank, there isn’t much there to explore. If you really want to know what the area looks like, check out my St. Andrew post or Google Map it because I’m probably not going to be going back to that area anytime soon.

Not that it’s a bad area. I just really have no business being there.

Except for, you know, work business. That’s my business being there.

This morning I went to Random House’s Spring Preview. Every year, they host two events (one being the Spring Preview, the other being the Fall Preview) where booksellers go and learn about all the great new things that are coming out and listen to authors talk about their new books. I’ve been meaning to go forever, but haven’t had a chance until this time. I was SUPPOSED to go to the Fall Preview, but let’s not talk about that anymore.

So, I left my place at 9 (the event started at 9:30), which should have been plenty of time for me to get there and settle in and such. HOWEVER, something is majorly wrong with the subway or something, because it stopped randomly more than it usually does. Then, when we got to Union (I did the roundabout way, because it seemed like it would be faster), this huge school of kids got on my car. I would have been fine with this, IF THEY DIDN’T THINK THAT THEY HAD LOST ONE CHILD. But no. They thought they had lost one, and the conductor was too nice of a person to left the thing before.

And the thing is, there was no lost child. The woman in charge had just miscounted them.


In short, I was about 10 minutes late to the Preview. Leah is never late. Ever. It was fine though, I guess, so whatever. BUT STILL.

Some of the books at the Preview actually seemed like they had potential to be pretty good. Most of them aren’t out yet but, when they do come out, I’m running to work and I’m gonna buy all of them at employee prices and it will be lovely. If you wanna know what I’m gonna be reading for the next little while, here’s a list of the books I took note of at the event. Please note that not all of these are new titles – some are just being put into Trade Paperback or are being released with new covers.:

The Imperfectionists – Tom Rachman
The Snowman – Jo Nesbo
The Immortalization Commission – John Gray
A Cold Night for Alligators – Nick Crowe
What Was Lost – Catherine O’Flynn
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – Rebecca Skloot
Alone in the Classroom – Elizabeth Hay
The Hypnotist – Lars Kepler
The Dukan Diet – Pierre Dukan
Touch – Alexi Zentner
Flip – Martyn Bedford
In the Garden of Beasts – Erik Larson
Noah Barleywater Runs Away – John Boyne (illustrated by Oliver Jeffers)
The Meowmophosis – Franz Kafka and Coleridge Cook (I mean… come on. There’s CAT HUMOUR.)
The Warlock – Michael Scott
On The Outside Looking Indian – Rupinder Gill
Robopocalypse – Daniel H. Wilson (And there’s a movie version of this book coming out in 2013, directed by Spielberg.)
Blood Red Road – Moira Young
Various Positions – Martha Schabas

All in all, I had a good time. A few other people from my store were also there, and that was kind of nice.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about my journey to King Station. There isn’t much there… it’s a business/office area. I’m pretty sure my mom works near there, although I’m not actually too sure. I should probably get on figuring that out.

After the Preview, my Creepy Older Brother Figure (he was also at the event) and I went for Sushi at College (which I just realized that I’ve yet to blog about) at the Sushi Shop. It was good; I’d recommend it.

I’m saving my College post for when I go to Fran’s for the first time. I’m pumped. You should be pumped too.

I apologize for the lame post. I assure you, the College one will make up for it.

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How To: LARP (via National Post | News)

I know this isn’t related to the subway at all but, like, come on.

How To: LARP The second in a weekly series on how to do odd things in an urban setting. Kitty Rodé pulls on a brown wrap-around top and tan pelt skirt. She fastens a swath of grey fur around her shoulders, dons pointed prosthetic ears and pulls a strand of chunky wooden beads around her neck. Carefully, she draws two black streaks of eyeliner from th … Read More

via National Post | News

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Once again, I found myself walking to my destination instead of subwaying it. However, Bathurst isn’t that far from where I live and it’s 8 FLIPPING DEGREES OUTSIDE (<3), so I feel that my decision to walk is justified.


Plus, I wanted to make a couple of stops on the way to Bathurst.


Great, now that THAT’S out of the way…

The reason I went to Bathurst was to go to Sonic Boom, which is this amazing (and enormous) music store. A couple of weeks ago, my friend took me to see Suuns play on the stage SB has set up on the bottom floor. The bottom floor which, may I just say, IS ALL VINYL AND VHS TAPES AND CASSETTES. A 90s child’s dream. I mean, nothing screams hardcore like an Aaron Carter cassette tape.

… I have all of his cassette tapes.

Sonic Boom.

I can’t actually say why I had to go to SB in case a certain someone happens to read this, but even though I found what I was looking for in two seconds, I ended up looking around for a good twenty minutes. You can’t help  it when you’re in there. They just have absolutely everything and it’s wonderful.

On my way to SB, I stopped into a little comic book store on Bloor.

The Labyrinth.

I’ve only been there a couple of times, but the same guy is always working. He must own the place or something. Anyway, he’s very nice. If you ever want good recommendations for comics and the like, he’s always a good person to consult. Unlike the people at the Silver Snail, this guy loves talking. Not in an annoying way. In a good way.

(By the way: they also carry some art books, which is kind of cool!)

Another great thing about walking to SB is that you pass a lovely store called Wiener’s Home Hardware. One day, I want to work at Wiener’s Home Hardware, just so I can put it on my Facebook page. Is that sad?

Right across from Wiener’s (tee hee!) is Lee’s Palace.

Lee’s Palace always has so many good shows going on, but I’ve never had the chance to go to any of them. It sucks. Regardless, sometimes I like to stand across from the building and take pictures of it. Mhm, that’s my idea of a good time.

Lee's Palace.

I must look like such a tourist, pulling my (NEW!) phone out to take pictures of everything.

Anyway, after stopping by The Labyrinth and SB, I figured that, since I was in the area anyway, I may as well stop into Honest Ed’s.

Oh, Honest Ed’s.


Here’s the thing about HE:

It has this distinct smell. I can’t quite place it, but you walk in and immediately you know that you’re in Honest Ed’s. You quickly learn that, while in the store, you must at all times breathe through your mouth if you don’t want to experience nausea.

Also, the prices aren’t that good. You’d think that they’d be amazing, considering the horrible stench you have to endure to get to the products. BUT NO. I mean, some things are decently priced, I’ll give it that, but is it really work risking your health and well being to get a dollar off? Some things are actually kind of pricey, which makes me sad.

Finally, Honest Ed’s has a tiny grocery section. I hope that I never feel the desire to buy any sort of perishable food item from Honest Ed’s. Heck, I hope that I never feel the desire to buy any sort of NON-perishable food item from Honest Ed’s. I don’t trust it. I just… don’t. It’s the same with the beauty products they sell.

No, Honest Ed’s actually isn’t that horrible. Just bring a nose plug and you can get some great school supplies, cheap clothing (which I would still wash right away, just in case) and some cool novelty things. My mom’s office once had one of the golden Elvis heads that HE is known for selling. An Elvis head is always a lovely way to spruce up your dull home.

... there was another sign that said: 'Seating for "DENTAL PATIENTS" only.' Why the quotation marks? WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO TELL US?! Maybe Honest Ed isn't so innocent after all.

Speaking of home decor, I quickly popped by the home decor section. Look at what I found:

How have I gone my whole life without having one of these beautiful pieces of art in my home?

So Honest Ed’s is actually not 100% terrible. Plus, I have a 10% off Honest Ed’s card, so I guess I can’t complain that much.

… I just wish that Honest Ed’s had maps of the store. It took me a good five minutes to find an exit. 😦

Okay, so before I end this post, I would just like to bring up one final thing:

A couple of weeks ago, my mother mailed me this clipping from 24 News reporting that, of all the subway stations, Bathurst was supposed to be the most romantic. I’m not kidding! The article is right here beside me, posted on my whiteboard.

SO WHY DID I NOT RECEIVE ANY LOVIN’ AT BATHURST STATION?! (By the way, Bathurst station has a cafe or bakery or something underground.) WHERE WAS THE LOVE?! I DID NOT SEE/HEAR/TASTE/FEEL IT.

24 News lied to me. They lied to all of us.

… I blame Honest Ed.

He really isn’t so innocent.

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